The quietest oxygen concentrator (sieve beds and comprssors combined) produce about 39 decibels at  at normal operating flow levels at median altitudes and without back pressure from a hyperbaric chamber, for example.

A 500 dollar one is usually loud and sounds closer to a high pitch helium ballon tank filling up balloons. The higher the pressure, usually on the more expensive models, allows for more oxygen to be concentrated and deliver more pure oxygen to the chamber. If a chamber is at 4psi and the concentrator only goes up to 5 psi, then it will have to work harder and create much more noise, usually a more higher pitch tone, not the soothing baratone noise.

​The OGSI brand, for example has super thick frames made of powder coated steal and it gives off much less noise and the lowest vibration to the floor that I ahve found.
Which oxygen concentrator serves You best? I have compiled my information to help people make a better decision.
Most of the higher output psi machines will have the highest decibel range.

Also, the heavier the machine and the denser the frame the lower the decibel rating also. The average oxygen concentrator has about 40 decibels. Most people want a lighte frame and they also want something quite. You can't get both. Either heavier weight or lighter weight and more sound.

I will say that the same models that have the same decibel rating, most people prefer a more baritone sound rather than a high pitch sound. Some of them sound like a freakin generator.

Most noise from the oxygen concentrator comes from the the air compressor. Note that some sound good at first but a few years later down the road, it can sound more like a snow blower.

Next, the noise that is the second loudest comes from the rom muffler. Waste cycle going through the muffler. This sound is more like the sound of opening up a  shaken bottle of soda.

​If noise is one of your concerns please let me konw on my oxygen concentrator quiz. Take my quiz here.

Who wants to hear a fridge freaking humming all day. The pitch, tone, might be different but I don't care what the tone is, baratone, or high pitchy, noise is noise and I don't like it when.  

The lower as possible under 40 decibels the quieter the machine from less friction. Adding orgon chips will not affect the friction to make the decibel level lower.

If you want something super quiet, please let me know on my quiz.
           ...because they sold me the wrong oxygen concentrator. Twice!
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